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A Day Ending with a Voice Message “In Case I Die”?!?!?!

Doing a good thing. Such a loaded action. What may be good to one may be bad for or to another. So what in the hell do you do when the good sucks you into a vortex of drama? Welcome to workplace drama people. I “idealistically” (hence the subtitle of my blog) can’t figure out why the hell people are so freaking selfish, self-serving and consumed with how everything little thing affects THEM. There is no convincing these folks of a bigger picture…and God knows lately I feel like I’m walking around with a mirror on my face with the sole life purpose of reflecting and being encouraged to make their lives easier.

Yeah, yeah…No comments on reading a book on boundaries and the power of saying no or people pleasers anonymous. I’ve found the line of not being a doormat… Truthfully, through trial and error… But when doing the right/good thing requires a thought process of decisions before proceeding – due to possible repercussions, what does that say???

Should I start signing off as Beaten down Pollyanna instead of CC? As naive as this sounds, I had no clue that “don’t let your heart be hardened” would remain on my active ‘to do’ list till I die. Ah… So the death call that concluded my day? Let’s get to that. So after a day of doing what I thought was good… Being crucified, questioned and accused of blah, blah, blah all for a group of people being caught for not knowing what the left foot was doing from the right and contradicting each other and none listening to the either… I turn into the sacrificial lamb.

So sucky work days turn into text from unrevealed self consumed bartender (see Bartenders Revealed post)…to ‘get me the hell out of here’… To getting in my car to listen to a voicemail from my insurance company telling me along with my birthday card I should be receiving soon, I should take note to the life insurance policy customized and included in my birthday card?!?!? In the case I should meet unforeseen circumstances and wish to leave my relatives a quarter million dollars all for $25 a month?!?!?! All I have to say to this idealistically epically failure of a day is you are so over. That’s drawing a freaking boundary of a box around it and suck it.