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Has Team been re-spelled to TeaIM?

The A-Team (film)

The A-Team (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The old adage there is no ‘I’ in team… (there was even an A in A-Team, so many things that A could stand for… yes, your first thought was correct) welcome to the 21st century and a total rethink to this premise.  Share with me YOUR stories of your I’s in your team and how they literally suck the soul out of your work environment.  Oh come on, you can do it.  Just create the anonymous email address like me and post away.

Have fun and let it out. There has to be a place for us to let go somewhere.  There is more than one anonymous… and I don’t mean the hacker.  I mean the ones of us who are so nice, good and people pleasing that we hold back to every ounce of our SELVES that we let others over take them.

Still too shy to express? Send me your quotes and stories and I’LL post them anonymously.