Who is CC?

The Walt Disney Studios, the headquarters of T...

The Walt Disney Studios, the headquarters of The Walt Disney Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s all I’ll let slip at this point and that’s of course, if you have any sense of wordiness, I’m a chick.  I’m a person of hope, positivity, heartbreak, hope again, devotion, anger, frustration, betrayals, more hope and an idealistic view that in 1999 someone sat across the table from me in a restaurant in Florida and told me that I would lose it eventually. At times I thought I had, but at my core, it’s in my soul… this wholehearted belief that people, no matter where they are from, are good, meant for a purpose and meant to be heard in some way.

I have often laid myself on the train tracks for the benefit of another, and yes, would do it again… in the hopes that they would find what they were looking for. Some may call it hope, others unrelenting, most stupid.  I believe.  Yes, with much exposure to Disney but with the level headed education of reality, I have combined the two into “me”.

I’ve had experiences including singing on stage with icons (which I’m no professional singer), bumping into celebrities across the globe (truly on accident) and often left scratching my head on “whaaaaaa?” But you know… has hellish as some points of life have been, there have been some incredible things that have lifted me beyond my dreams to the point I ask, “what’s next”.


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