Friday Night in a Concrete Paradise

ImageSo you’d think living in a big city on a Friday night would be a single girl’s dream come true.  No, I’m actually on the upper side on the scale of 1 to 10, so attractiveness isn’t the issue… BUT where I live the top three questions anyone is concerned with is 1) What do you do? 2) What do you drive? 3) How much do you make.

It is astounding how MANY freaking men here are still physically attached to their mothers via umbilical cord after the age of 25.  What is going on with the world of parenting and motherhood these days? 

Some part of it makes some sense in the world of insecurity among women we live in today.  Plastic personality and bodies are everywhere, so why wouldn’t they procreate and create mini male versions of themselves to feed their souls into so that they can train them to be slaves for the rest of THEIR natural lives. 

I find myself fortunate to have parents that actually raised me to be an individual and an adult.  Don’t get me wrong, they support me… and I can always call them, but I can’t even GRASP ever attaching myself to them as I’ve seen most men to their parents these days.

Granted, I give them some leeway of a failing economy and hardships that we haven’t faced in our young lives (though nothing like the Great Depression).

I wish I could do an S.O.S to mothers of young men out there that they need to pay attention to this attrition of failure they are reproducing. Men are to be men. Hunters, gatherers and rocks for the female race to be attracted to, not look at and feel complete sadness for.

Buck up moms and find men to be men for you in the later part of your lives and let your sons go.  They need to create healthy lives and families for themselves. You are only dooming human kind if you continue to create half ass boys that are being created by the numbers today.  It’s not just me… I have met numerous women who have walked away in self preservation over submission to the matriarchs of the 2010’s.  It’s a monarchy that is doomed to fail.


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