What is idealistic anonymity….

How many times have you been told… “you should write a book”?  My count has reached its limit to the point I have finally unleashed.  The downside of a book, all the names you reveal even though “changed to protect the real people” are always figured out somehow.  Consider this the “Graduate” of the 2010’s… I’ve got enough scoop for it.

We sit around and watch the scoop on the crazies of killers and psychopaths, what’s the latest on Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, whose getting married… divorced… and the latest “baby daddies”, but where is the REAL LIFE in all of this? Bueller, Bueller?

These things have become the normal person’s reality simply for the fact we are barraged with it 24 hours a day.  The sad thing is the life lessons, REAL life lessons experienced in “as close as we can get to normal” life of the average Joe or in this case average “Caleigh Clark” are lost.

My other encouragement from the masses was that I, in light of all these “experiences”, should dump these thoughts into cyberspace.  This I don’t get, but they keep encouraging that in this inner voice there are morals of positive goodness and insight that could make an impact on someone.  Idealistic girl here thinking it limits it to those in the U.S. or other non-third world countries because there isn’t much blog reading time in places fighting to survive with the basics… which you’ll hear on some of my adventures to these places.

So, welcome to Caleigh Clark revealed.  We’ll see what happens.  So what is the blog all about? Politics (inner corporate office and those crazies in DC), traveling, style, photography, real people (sometimes intermixed with those crazy celebrities), people who are awesome to you, people who treat you like crap and honestly ‘can’t remember’, and everything in between.  Author’s note: I will definitely be breaking AP style guides here and honestly, don’t care too much, if you are into that, this is not your blog.  If you are into heart, soul, idealistic (sometimes to a fault) optimism no matter what… as O.A.R. says, “how many times can your heart be shattered” then friend, you’ve found the right spot.  There is no “box” here, just an every day that is different and holds whatever it may.



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